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Chintu Ka Birthday: Movie Review ZEE5

I remember how excited I used to get on my birthday as a kid. I was one of those kids who used to remind everyone about my birthday a month prior so that everyone was ready with my gifts on time.

I remember how my mother used to do all the preparations from decorations to food.

The little guy Chintu in the movie Chintu Ka Birthday got me all nostalgic.

It was like I went into a flashback of my childhood birthdays after watching the movie.

The movie tells you about the story of a 6 six-year-old boy named Chintu stuck in Iraq with his family at the time of Saddam’s fall.

All Indians except some who migrated to Iraq illegally have been brought home.

But the ones who are stuck are still finding a way out.

Amidst this chaos, one of the Indian Families decides to celebrate their son Chintu’s 6th birthday as he seems to be super excited about it.

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Chintu ka Birthday Movie showcases a perfect example of an Indian family that stands together hand in hand even in the toughest of times.

In the movie Chintu is super excited to celebrate his 6th birthday and his father promises him that no matter what the circumstances are they will be celebra his birthday the way he wants.

All of a sudden things seem to go against their favour as it blasts and Us-led forces crash the house gate in between Chintu’s birthday party preparations.

Insurgents forcefully drag Chintu’s father and startinterrogating the whole family and accuse them of things they are not even a part of.

The movie is worth watching and was successful in keeping me glued till the end.

If we come forward to talk about the movie’s Characters

Chintu’s father, played by Vinay Pathak is one of the commendable characters in the movie, who is always trying to maintain positivity and boosts the morale of the family.

Chintu’s mum, played by Tillotama Shome, her character in the movie is very warm, courageous, and determined just like every Indian mother.

The movie is exclusively available on ZEE5. You will absolutely love each and every character of this film, especially Chintu & his father.

It was so heartwarming to see that even after facing all the odds how Chintu’s father was ready to fulfill his son’s wish.

According to me this movie is a perfect blend of emotions and thrill.

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