Easy & Tasty Breakfast Recipes For Kids

We all are aware that kids are always cranky and choosy when it comes to eating, but we can’t deny the fact that it eating on time is very important for kids, specially breakfast.

Getting your kids to eat something in the morning often becomes challenging because of their morning mood swings. In this blog post I’ll be going to share some super easy and tasty breakfast recipes shared by one of our readers Hina Sheikh.

Hina is a homemaker & a part time content creator on instagram where she shares amazing finger licking recipes. You can find her on Instagram: (@hinas_timeline)

Without any fury dilly-dally, let’s quickly move towards our recipes now!

  • C3 Nuggets (Chicken, Cheese, Corn)


250 gms chicken.

50 gms corn.

cheese cubes cut into 6 pieces.

Salt as per taste.

Black pepper.


Bread crumb.

Oil for frying.


Mix minced chicken and corn togeather.

Add salt and black pepper, mix well.

Flat it in ur palms and add 1 cheese cube piece.

Roll it.

Dip in egg and then roll in bread crumb, make all the nuggets.

Keep it in refrigrator for an hour.

Deep fry on medium flame and yummy c3 nuggets are ready to serve.

  • Veg Mayo Sandwich


Finely chopped carrot

Finely chopped capsicum

Grated cabbage

2tbsp mayonise

1tbsp tomatoe ketchup


Sandwich bread/whole wheat bread

Salt to taste

Black pepper powder


In a bowl add all the above veggies, add salt, pepper, mayonise, ketchup and mix well, batter is ready.

Butter the bread and add the batter.

Grill it or toast it according to your kids prefrence.

Yummy veg mayo sandwich is ready to serve.

You can add greated cheese as well.

If your kids love chicken you can add shreaded chicken with the above ingredient too.

  • Easy Cheesy Chicken Pizza


250 gms chicken (shreded)

2 tsp pasta/pizza sauce i use @droetkar brand.

1 tbsp veg mayonise

1 finely chopped capsicum

1 grated carrot

1/2 tsp black pepper powder

Salt to taste.


pizza mix

Pizza bread


In a bowl add shreded chicken, then add pizza pasta sauce, mayonise, capsicum, carrot, salt and black pepper mix well.

Now spread that batter on pizza bread, top it with loads of greated cheese and sprinkle pizza mix.

Pre heat the pan, put the pizza and let it cook untill cheese is melted.

Voila yummy easy cheesy pizza is ready to serve!

  • Popcorn Chicken


100 gms chicken cut into very small pieces.

1tsp gg paste.

Mix herbs 1tsp

1/2 tsp black pepper powder

Salt as per taste

1 egg whisked


Oil for deep frying.


Wash and drain chicken completly dry.

Add salt, pepper, ginger garlic paste, mix herbs and mix well.

Dip chicken pieces one by one in egg and roll it in oats.

Refrigrate it for an hour.

After an hour deep fry, yummy popcorn chicken is ready to serve with hot n sweet tomatoe sauce.

  • Easy Peasy Macaroni


250 gms boiled macroni

Greated carrot


Maggi masala, the one which we get in maggi’ s packet.

2 tsp oil.


Heat oil add the greated carrot n corn saute it for 1 min.

Add the boiled macroni and a packet of maggi masala.

Mix well and done.

Easy peasy macroni is ready.

Pls note there is no need of adding extra salt.

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