Five Lipstick Hacks Every Woman Needs To Know

Lipstick without a doubt is every woman’s holy grail when it comes to makeup. It makes even the simplest of looks graceful & brings a glow on the face. In this blog post I’m gonna be sharing 5 lipstick hacks that all you pretty ladies need to know.

1. Exfoliate Your Lips

If you apply lipstick on dry and patchy lips it eventually sits inside the cracks and gives an unfinished look. To make sure you get more of a smooth and precise application, make sure you exfoliate you lips at least once a week to get rid of the dead skin cells on you lip surface.

2. Use Primer

Many times the we buy a beautiful shade but it doesn’t show up the same one our lips because many of the pigmentation on our lips. Any shade when applied directly on pigmented lips looks uneven, patchy or non pigmented. If you face the same problem, try applying primer or a thin layer of concealer/foundation on you lips before applying lipstick. Primer/Foundation makes the application more precise and the shade looks more pigmented on the lips.

3. Use Lip liner To Fill Your Lips

Filling your lips with the help of a lipliner (just like lipstick) helps to bring up a perfect finish as well as helps the shade to stick and last longer on your lips.

4. Get Matte Lips With Talcum Powder

If you forget to carry a matte lipstick or run short of one, your regular talcum powder can help you achieve a matte lipstick look. Take a tissue paper, put it over your lips and dust a little bit of talcum powder over the tissue paper. Tada! You’re good to go.

5. Highlighter For Fuller Lips

From your cheeks or your lips highlighter can fix it all. If you have thin lips and you want to achieve those fuller lips just add a bit of highlighter at your bottom lip and you are done.

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