How to Build An Effective Media Kit

What is a Media Kit?

A media kit is a collection of information about your blog/brand.

It acts like your resume and outlines your blog.

Who do you send your media kit to?

  • Companies/Brands you are looking forward to collaborating with.
  • Journalists/magazines/bloggers looking forward to writing an article about you/your blog.

It includes various parts or sections such as

  • About Info
  • All your Channels
  • Post/Channel Insights (followers, likes views etc)
  • Services you offer
  • Your charges/commercials
  • Brands you’ve previously worked with
  • Good quality pictures

Media kit helps you to connect with brand for collaborations (Brand advertisements)

Media kits vary from person to person.

Some people like it very simple while others prefer to make it attractive using graphics, pictures and creative themes.

Your media kit can be of multiple pages or it can also be done in a single page.

The length of media kit depends on the information and design you choose.

Key points to remember while creating a media kit

  • Always make your about information yet simple. Add in your brand history, Affiliations, achievements, who you are? What drove you to start your blog? Etc.
  • Add high quality images related to your work (you can pick some from instagram or get few new ones clicked) images help brands to get an idea about your creativity and content quality
  • Add your account (instagram, blog, YouTube) statistics to show how you have grown throughout years. Statistic play a very important role in attracting brands. The better the insights, more are the chances of brands getting attracted to work with you, why? Because every brand looks for high exposure.
  • Add in testimonials from your happy customer to your media kit. Testimonials act as a bridge between you and brands looking for a medium of promotion.
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