How To Choose The Perfect Theme For Your Blog

We all are well aware of the fact that people always judge a book by it’s cover.

Same goes for your blog!

The theme is your cover and the content you have inside is what follows.

No matter how meaningful or good your writings are, people always prefer to see the theme first and often press the back button if the find it too bloated, full of twisted and complicated.

Here I’m going to share with you all few tips and tricks that you can follow to give your blog that catchy vibe!

  • Make a list of features you’d like to add in there

The very first step that you need to follow before selecting that catch theme is to note down what features you’d like to add up in your blog.

Think around what design you’d like to keep and firstly choose only those features that you can’t survive without.

Once you are done selecting the most important ones think about the features you’d like to add or have to add in near future.

Avoid going out of the way and leave the useless features in your trash.

WordPress feature filter comes with n number of features to add up to your blog.

The lesser the better.

  • Avoid choosing a bloated/feature rich theme

Most of us like to add up a lot of features to the blog theme but choosing a bloated theme can end up creating a lot of problems for your blog in the long run.

It leads to taking a lot of time in page loading and also creates various security issues for our website.

Every feature that looks nice and attractive isn’t meant for your profile.

  • Avoid choosing a theme with complicated fonts

Adding complicated or difficult fonts to your site ends up creating a lot of confusion for the readers and provokes them to ignore your content.

Complicated fonts are difficult to understand and waste the users time.

Make sure you choose the theme that has attractive yet simple fonts, easy to understand and read.

  • Choose an attractive colour palette

As i mentioned above, the external appearance of your blog plays a major role in attracting viewers to your site.

Make sure you choose the perfect contrast and blend of colours.

It is statistically proven that people tend to like websites with lighter colour palette rather than the dark ones.

Try choosing your colour scheme in such a way that it looks light & catchy to the visitors.

  • Make sure you test your theme before making it live for the world to see

Once you are done adding all of your content and setting to your website, apply the theme and review it in all aspects before making it live.

Check if your content and pictures are loading properly.

You can check everything by trying to load your website on the phone.

If you feel everything looks good and is working well, you are good to go.

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