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L.A Girl Orange Corrector Review & Swatches

I’ve been a big-big fan of L.A girl since a long time and from quiet some time i was noticing that their Pro conceal range was in hype which got me curious enough to try this range out.

In this blog post I’m gonna be talking about the L.A girl pro conceal orange Corrector in detail.

Product Description:

L.A. Girl’s HD Pro Concealers are crease-resistant with opaque coverage in a creamy, yet lightweight texture. The long-wearing concealer formula camouflages darkness under the eyes, redness and skin imperfections. Our concealers provide complete, natural-looking coverage, even skin tones, cover dark circles and minimize fine lines around the eyes.


Orange Corrector: Neutralizes dark spots for medium/deep skin tones.

Other shades:

• Yellow Corrector: Corrects dullness caused by purple/blue undertones and brightens undereye circles for medium to dark skin tones. 

• Green Corrector: Neutralizes redness for medium to dark skin tones.

• Lavender Corrector: Neutralizes unwanted yellow undertones and sallowness. 

• Peach Corrector: Neutralizes dark spots for light skin tones.

• Light Yellow Corrector: Corrects dullness caused by purple/blue undertones and brightens under eye circles for fairer skin tones.

• Mint Corrector: Neutralizes redness for fair/light skin tones.

• Reddish Corrector: Neutralizes dark spots for dark/deep dark skin tones.

• Cool Pink Corrector: Neutralizes dark spots for fair/light skin tones.

• Flat White Corrector: Lightens and neutralizes any PRO.conceal shade.

How to use:

Choose a color one or two shades lighter than your complexion. Apply to clean, makeup-free skin with a brush or fingertip for best results. Top with loose powder to set. Reapply if necessary. Try blending a couple of shades together for the perfect match. This multitasking concealer is perfect for contouring & highlighting.


The corrector comes in a transparent plastic tube with a brush tip applicator and a black twist open cap.

L.A. Girl pro conceal orange Corrector front view
Bristle applicator
Closer view of the bristle applicator (product coming out on pressing)

The tube needs to be pressed on order to take the product out. The tube has the brand name as well as other necessary details such as price, ingredients and expiry date mentioned on it. I find the packaging simple and travel friendly but because sometimes a lot of product comes out as it is not visible through the brush tip.


L.A Girl pro concealer ingredient list

Texture & Smell:

The texture is very creamy and spreads very evenly onto the skin. It doesn’t take a lot of time to absorb and set so it is advisable to be really quick while blending it. Orange Corrector being too dark requires a lot of practice to blend properly otherwise it looks patchy and not so neat. As far as the smell is concerned it doesn’t have any such smell to be too noticeable. Also it is advisable to prep & moisturise your skin well before application if you have dry skin, with oily skin it works well.

L.A. Girl orange Corrector swatch in day light

My Experience:

Honestly, when i got my hands on this concealer i didn’t read about it much and i wasn’t aware that this was meant for medium to dark skin tone. Since it is too much on the orange side it needs a lot of practice and patience for proper blending. When i used it for the first time it felt too loud as i don’t have intense dark circles but with regular trials i finally discovered that it is an excellent product for dark sports and pimple marks if blended properly. Thankfully i don’t have acne prone skin but i randomly get 1-2 pimples here and there on my face and those marks look too visible on my face, specially in pictures. This product covers those little marks very well for me but if only if blended properly. On top of it i apply the maybelline age rewind concealer to give it a more finished look and then i follow up with my foundation. I’m NC30 plus i do not have visible circles as mentioned above and that’s why this isn’t the ideal shade for me. This color Corrector according to me is ideal for NC40 and above. If you have fair to medium skin tone, you should definitely try the peach Corrector.

All in all this is an amazing product but unfortunately not ideal for my skin tone.

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