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I Tried Facial Razor For The First Time: Lets Shave Facial Razor Detailed Review

To be very honest, i was too sceptical about using facial razor because of the myth that it makes the hair growth manly or hard but after doing a lot of online research and knowing experiences shared by my friends i finally decided to go for it and guess what, I’m glad i did. In this blog I’ll be sharing a detailed review and my experience using the lets shave facial razor.

Product Description:

The LetsShave Evior Face Razor is an Exfoliation tool or also called a Dermaplaning Tool that uses a single blade to safely remove the buildup of dead skin and unwanted facial hair (peach fuzz) that make your complexion appear dull and flaky. By stripping the outermost layer of dead skin on the face the Face razor Tool instantly reveals smoother, more luminous skin. Each blade is designed for 6 to 8 uses all over the face. With regular use, the tool can help soften the the appearance of fine lines and refine visible pores.

Products Claims:

✔Reveals a more radiant and glowing complexion instantly.

✔ Removes dry, dead skin cell buildup

✔ Removes unwanted facial hair from upper lip, peach fuzz and can also be used on bikini line.

✔ Brightens, softens, and smoothens skin instantly

✔ Softens skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines

✔ Helps serums and peels penetrate more effectively

✔ May help in Preventing breakouts


This facial razor comes in a pink coloured thin cardboard package inside which is the plastic pack containing the main product.

Lets Shave Evior Pack of 3

The razor has a single blade covered with a little transparent plastic cap. I love the fact that it has a cover, as it helps to maintain proper hygiene, prevents bacteria build up and makes it easy to carry in hand bags while traveling without the fear of cutting yourself while taking anything out. The handle has a matte finish which makes the grip very firm. All in all i feel the packaging is very simple, attractive and travel friendly.

Full view of the lets shave evior facial razor
Closer view of the blade from front
Closer view of the blade from the back

Where To Use:

Image source: lets shave website

How To Use & After Care:

Image source: Let’s Shave Website

Price: pack of 3 for 399/-

My Experience:

This razor has worked like a blessing for me. With this one in my life it has become so so easy to do my brows & upper lips at home. I’ve always loved thick brows and i had to be very careful while getting them done in beauty salons because sometimes your brows don’t turn out the way you expect but now I’m so happy that I can shape my brows my way without any pain or hassle. I prefer washing my face and applying any moisturiser before starting the shaving process as it makes the whole process very smooth and easy to go. After my brows i also used it to do my upper lips and i was so happy to see that the growth was just like the one we get after threading, not hard or manly at all. This razor isn’t very sharp so, it doesn’t cut the skin at all. It is very easy on the skin and you have to repeat 2-3 strokes to get the eyebrow hair removed which according to me is a plus point because with a very sharp razor you might end up messing up your brows. The skin feels very smooth and clean post hair removal. I would absolutely recommend this razor and I’m looking forward to repurchasing it.

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