Things To Keep In Mind While Travelling with a Toddler

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By Varisha Monis Khan

The craziest thing that i have heard till date was not to travel with a baby,and wait till he is grown up. I have never understood this concept ,don’t you thing baby too needs outdoor exposure? And in true terms what you all need, is to work on your Proper Management System. Trust me this can make you pro in travelling and you will not think twice while planning for your trips as well.

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My daughter is eight months old right now and i have decided to share with you all my recent experience .I had travelled through car and covered 7 hours distance and stayed for 3 days.Bulleting out some points below which might be helpful to carry out your travelling phase-

Properly journalise your whole trip

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Your head should be soughted on terms of what,where,when,how and why?You should be more practical rather than of having a attitude “Jo bhi hoga dekhlehngy”.

Brest Feeding Can Be Your Best Friend On The Way

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If you breastfeed your baby ,you got an advantage here. As small journey’s can be alternated with it’s help completely.

Get a Travel Size compact Rice Cooker

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it’s a necessity if you are staying in a hotel or have a long journey to cook food for your bub as it will help you prepare your babies food according to your choice and with your own trusted ingredients.

Make Small continers for Each Food Article

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Containers Will help you keep an accurate amount of ingredients and eatables as per your stay duration. For example-you can carry dal, Rice,Suji,Biscuits etc.

Don’t Forget The Medicines

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Make a small pouch for every medicine you find important for your baby.If possible consult with your doctor in advance to make your trip reliable.

Plan a Travel Schedule

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Plan visiting everywhere according to your baby’s sleep and food timings. If you don’t do so he will become cranky and spoil out the whole scenario if things don’t work his way.

Avoid New Food Trials For Your Baby

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Never introduce new food item to baby while travelling,you never know what can make him allergic.

Keep on sticking to the food items that you know goes well for your baby and let him stay comfortable.


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You can keep baby’s favourite toys to keep him engaged.Also bring some new toys let not boredom strikes him.

Be Careful about the Temprature

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Be careful while travelling in summers as Cars,hotels,malls etc are completely air conditioned and may be other areas you are visiting aren’t,so there might be chances of summer cold.So,just balanced out the temperatures.

Don’t go Over Board with Packing

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Pack everything essential for your baby’s daily need but don’t overdo that. Everything should be compact and travel size.

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